Professional Air Duct And Dryer Vent Cleaning | Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Professional Air Duct And Dryer Vent Cleaning | Minneapolis And St. Paul, Minnesota

Removing contaminants is the first step to a healthier home. A full system air duct cleaning will benefit the health of everyone who lives in the home and improve the functionality of your HVAC system. How do we do it? The process is simple and explained below. “Source Removal” is the most known process in the duct cleaning industry. Each house has a slightly different type of ductwork. We curate each job with the appropriate tools and processes needed to ensure the best results for your home.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process

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We love our SEAL-A-DOOR. It’s a perfect “EVERY-SEASON” accessory for your home while we clean! It helps keep weather and pests outside, and keep heat, AC, kids and pets inside!

  • Our techs will begin by masking your vents to ensure each side of the system is isolated to maximize airflow with our negative
    air machine.
  • We will then create access holes in the return and supply trunk lines to insert our agitation tools. If there are previously existing access holes, we will use these. Don’t worry, all holes will be patched and sealed airtight when the job is complete!
  • Next, our techs will start cleaning your ventilation system with our high-pressure air hose (125-175 psi) and agitation tools (air whips, directional nozzles, and rotary brush systems) towards the trunk lines. This removes dust and debris from the return and service duct vents.
  • Contaminates that have been knocked loose by our high pressured air and agitation tools will be directed to the access points and pulled out of your home through our remarkably strong HEPA powerful vacuum. It pulls in air and debris at 12,500 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and re-distributes high quality, clean, odor-free air back into your home.
  • The furnace housing, return drop, blower wheel, A-coils, and filter compartment will all be air washed as well.
  • As we previously mentioned, once your system is cleaned and approved, it will be re-sealed per NADCA standards.

We have multiple certifications and stay current with all the necessary training to ensure your HVAC system gets the best possible cleaning.

Before & After

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Our entire cleaning process follows NADCA standards. We clean the full system, not just partially, full returns with return trunk lines, full supply lines with supply trunk lines. We also clean the blower wheel, filter compartments, and the return drop. To read more about our certifications check out our certifications page.
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