Professional AC Coil Cleaning | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Professional AC Coil Cleaning | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why Are Clean Evaporator Coils Important?

As you may know, the AC unit is an amazing and complex machine. It can help keep the air in your home comfortable, even in the hottest months of summer, as long as it’s well-maintained. To prevent dirty evaporator coils from slowing an AC system, they should be cleaned regularly.

Clean AC coils improve efficiency, resulting in reduced energy costs for your home.

How We Clean AC Coils?

During the cleaning process, a combination of our high-pressure air and tools will remove small amounts of debris from your air conditioning coils. Then we utilize special cleaning solutions to remove the remaining “dark matter” from your coils. Industry-standard tools such as a foaming coil cleaner, steam cleaners, and more will be used to make your coils shine bright like a diamond. Our trained technicians will use top-of-the-line equipment and industry gold-standard techniques to clean your AC unit’s coils.

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